Advertise Locally

Anyone who has had experience with advertising will probably tell you that the most effective method is word-of-mouth advertising. In other words, one satisfied customer tells another potential customer about your business who then passes the word on about your business and the news continues to spread. However, whilst this is the best method of advertising it can also potentially be the worst. Bad news about your business can spread just as quick through word-of-mouth as good news can and therefore it’s also important to maintain a healthy reputation.

Essentially, what this means is that when you are creating your advertising campaign for your business, you need to come up with a well thought out plan. Simply throwing any old advert together and putting it out there without properly thinking it through and considering the impact the advert will have whilst just hoping that it attracts customer is not going to be sufficient.

If you want customers and potential new customers to spread the word about your business then you need to impress them. You need to make them want to tell people about your business.

So, how do you go about getting local visitors to your website?

Here are five options:


Gumtree is an excellent advertising method which you can use to direct traffic (and therefore potential customers) to your website and boost your sales. It’s free to post adverts on Gumtree and you can set the location and have your adverts go live within a few minutes. Gumtree is very popular and has become a household name.

Google Places

Whilst Google Places does offer an international service and many business owners are put off for this reason, many people also use it to look for businesses in their local area, especially now that the mobile app is available for smartphones. You can list your business for free and your listing will be shown to people in the Perth area who are using Google Places.


Yelp is an advertising and business listing solution for serious businesses. Additionally, Yelp has a social community of real people who submit real reviews based on their experiences with the businesses listed. Yelp is a popular website for both business and customers and if you’re businesses isn’t listed on there then you’re missing out. There really is no reason for your business to not be listed on Yelp.
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Service Seeking

Service Seeking is a website where advertisers can post jobs they need done and businesses can respond to those jobs with quotes and estimates of how much they will charge to do the job. Advertisers then choose the best quote offered. Service Seeking is quite innovative and can be a great way for businesses to find new customers.


Whilst listing your website link on an endless amount of business directories is unlikely to benefit your website, Bloo is one of the best free advertising directories available to users in Perth and is therefore recommended. The website is easy to use and navigate and it’s free to place a link on Bloo to your business website.